Polyurethane foam products
of any complexity “soft, hard, integral”

Polyurethane floats are best help for plastering works

A plastering float is a major tool for making the surface ideal. 

Polyurethane float is a type of plastering float. As compared to its analogues, such as plastic, rubber, metal ones, etc., polyurethane floats are notable for high resistance to abrasion, they smoothen the base well, are lightweight, sturdy and long-lasting. A fairly lightweight polyurethane float has a great advantage over a wooden one, which makes you tired fast. But if you compare it with a foam plastic one, then it can be called immortal – you will need hundreds of square meters of walls to wear it out completely. A net on the surface of the float prevents the mortar from sticking, the sanding effect is achieved faster and easier, also due to the rigidity of the material it is possible to make the abrasive element thin enough.

Depending on the type of the surface to be sanded, you can choose various sizes of floats. One of the advantages of the company is that we produce all possible size options of the float, which you can see in the section Price”.